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Today let’s check Sorcery. Do you know the “books where you are the Hero”? If you liked these books as much as me, you’ll love Sorcery, and if you don’t know them but like Fantastic books, you should really try it!

After choosing your character you’ll start a captivating adventure, full of mystery, and you’ll decide every actions of your hero. When you played The Witcher or Mass Effect you barely have 5-7 meaningful choices to make during one game. In Sorcery you have at least 100 of them, leading to different adventures, different difficulties, different stories to discover. You’ll fight monster with a unique combat system, collect and use items in your inventory, and even cast magic !

If you like Sorcery 1, you’ll be able to pursuit the same adventure with Sorcery 2 and 3 where you can get your progress from the previous opus through a simple “code save” you get at the end of each game.

The sky is not 100% blue, the music could be better, the “game” also miss achievements to push you to explorer different path of the story, and cloud saving would have saved you from keeping note, somewhere, the code you get at the end of the story (And probably loosing it).

This mobile game is made by inkle, a studio founded in 2011 by 2 game developers in the UK. As game dev I have to mention Inklewriter, the tool behind Sorcery and The Banner Saga, designed to help you publish high quality interactive stories. Inklewriter is free (But I haven’t found the license). It’s a great tool to create this kind of book experience but also when creating cut scenes, try it online! Sorcery is premium so no iaps, no ads, no bad surprises.

Sorcery 1:

Sorcery 2:

Sorcery 3: