Uppercup Football

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Uppercup Football is an intense fantasy soccer-ball mobile game with crazy rules. Believe me, I’m not usually a fan of soccer-ball and even less in a video game, but Uppercup Football add a ton of fun into it !

First it has a super easy control system, one handed, in turn by turn, really perfect for mobile. Second you have some crazy rules, changing each match, like: Rugby balls, electroballs, trees or even mines on the field, etc. Finally there is about 100 levels, all different, with more and more challenges.

You can perceive the amount of time and effort spent in polishing the game, the menus and gameplay. The art and animations are great, but I’ll let you judge by yourself as the game is free to install with a one time in app purchase to unlock the full version (restorable on any device).

Motion Twin is the french studio behind Uppercup Football. Motion has a few extraordinary component:

  • Every employee has the same share of the company. That mean the same salary, same power of decision, same responsibility.
  • They have their own open source programming language called HaXe. It can be compiled into C++, Action Script of Javascript and all their games are made with HaXe.
  • They made a ton of great web browser games with a unique gameplay that you’ve NEVER seen anywhere else. If I had to pick one: Mush, but there are more, a lot more.
  • 11 frogs. Errrr employees I mean (^_^) Go try uppercup football! You have no excuse it’s free to install!
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