Monster Hotel

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Monster Hotel let you run your very own hotel for (cute) monsters. Some monsters like stinky room, others super cold room, some are super angry and just break everything in your hotel… And your goal is to please them all ! So more happy they are the more money they’ll give you when leaving. Moar money => more rooms => more monster => moar problems. It sounds a bit masochist but it’s a lot of fun !

Once more it’s a mobile game coming from Motion Twin (If you missed it, I already wrote about Uppercup Football from Motion Twin too). They again bring creativity in Monster Hotel: The gameplay is a new mix between reflexion/puzzle and builder/fallout shelter. And they have a really polished game on many levels:

  • The art style is just perfect: It’s cute but not too Kawaii, and it feel like you’re playing in someone’s weird imagination.
  • Again the gameplay: It not hard core, it’s easy at first but quickly become challenging.
  • The monetisation: The game is free to install, with in app purchase. It could be a bad thing but it isn’t. Ads tends to break your immersion, and these in-app-purchases are of 2 type:
    • Long term items: Items that you purchase once and keep forever.
    • Short term boost. While I personnaly don’t like short term boost, I enjoy purchasing the long term items because it just feel paying for the full game.
  • Music ! It’s a really cool music that get in your head. I just wish they add more music & variation!
  • Features: Cloud save, achievement, a bit of social/friends but not too much, oh and BTW the game is playable in your browserhere.

Usually I finish with a word about the dev, but it’s already done in Uppercup Football. I won’t stop talking about them until they got the attention they deserve. It’s really rare to find a game studio bringing such creativity in mobile games.

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