The Quest Keeper

Gameplay gif

The Quest Keeper is THE cross over between a dungeon crawler and Crossy Road. You play an adventurer trying to complete quests given by (no surpise here) The Quest Keeper (^_^). The quests will bring you in various environement full of danger: fire, spiders, traps, flying axes, dead archers, rotating saw, …

Gameplay is really cool ! It’s not as repetitive as crossy road: there are variation in the element of gameplay, and each quest (except one) has an end. It’s also very challenging and you can feel the learning curve very quickly: Your first 10 runs might end up in a very quick death, but after 50 tries it won’t look so hard anymore. Each quest you complete give you an artifact, and you’ll soon want to collect them all because they make you more resistant and… well, we all want to collect all the artifact anyway!

As you can see in the gif, it has a retro/voxel style of graphiscs which is pleasant and also very easy to read so you can analyse the layout quickly and find your path. You can totally play without the music it’s not useful for the gameplay (and the fun of the game isn’t there anyway, you won’t miss it (^.^)). The game also has some options: choising your view angle, a 30/60 fps toggle, and 2 graphics configurations to run on most mobile phones.

If Aladdin’s Genie gave me 3 wishes they would be:

  • Please add one global leaderboard (^_^) One quest is infinite and I wish I knew how far I can go compared to the other !
  • And some achievements ! There are plenty of stuff to collect there, and many players love collecting achievements !
  • And also cloud saving ! Many players have multiple devices and many players change device. Starting over on a new phones isn’t enjoyable.

The Quest Keeper is free to install, has some ads but nothing too annoying and you can remove the ads with an IAP1 of ~2€. Tyson Ibele is the one man army behing this mobile game. He is a quite amazing game developer / software engineer based in Toronto and working for Make, follow him on twitter!

  1. In App Purchase is something that you can purchase from inside a game by paying with real money

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