The Greedy Cave

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The Greedy Cave is an ARPG. Ready your spells, sharpen your swords, boost your stats, enchant your equipement, study your enemies and beat the crap out of that dungeon !! If you like Diablo or Torchlight, the greedy cave is made for you !

In this mobile game you explore dungeon, try not to die, and decimate your enemies ! On your way you’ll:

  • Increase your attributs: Luck, defense, attack, dodge, crit, …
  • Learn skills: Forcefield, “Slice in two”, Telekenesis, …
  • Enchant equipment: Fire/water/dark/[…] attack, penetrate, life/mana regen, extra xp/gold, …
  • strengthen your equipement: increase its natural stats with the black-smith help

After exploring the (procedural) dungeon you will go back to the town where you’ll have the surprise to meet with other real players (^_^). No it’s not an mmorpg, and you can’t interact with them but you can look at their stats and equipement and it’s actually super useful to give you an idea of combos etc.

The art style is quite similar to Don’t Starve, it’s really pleasant. My only complain is that sometime, as we are in a dungeon, the screen is a bit dark and it make it hard to play in a bright environement. Thank god I live in London, the sun doesn’t come down here too often (^_^).

The game is free to play with no ads (apart from rewarded videos) and frankly the current, virtual currency based, monetisation doesn’t require you to pay at all from my experience (and I’m fairly advanced in the game). It’s unfortunate for the game dev that musn’t have that much revenue right now (-_-). I wish the game had more long lasting upgrades. Uou can purchase equipement and short boost of XP/gold etc. But in the end equipment become obsolete (I mean after a couple fo levels you’ll find better equipement) and boost last only for so long. After that I would feel like I just threw money out of the window. I’d rather purchase stuff that is more expensive but last forever.

If I had 3 wishes their would be:

  • More long lasting upgrades! Get me a pet, a new building in town, a glowing aura, dragon blood in my heritage, I don’t care what, but something that last forever !
  • Side gameplay! Exploring dungeon is great, but in Final Fantasy you had the chocobo race don’t break out of the routine, what about a side game here too ? Plus it could have it’s own leaderboard for competition too (^_^)
  • Referal I have plenty of friends that would love that game and while I’ll hopefully convince them to try it, a referal bonus would be great: “Invite a friend, your friend get a starter armor for free and when he reach level 6 you get XXXXX”

The Greedy Cave is made by Avalon Games, a Chinese studio based in Chengdu. Althought I couldn’t find the credit in the game it feel like an indie game (made with Cocos 2dx).

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